Snow Plow Prep Package

Save Up to $4,500 on a Plow Package

New Englanders know it’s wise to be prepared for lots of snow. For many owners of Ford pickups, that means equipping their truck with a snow plow. There’s peace of mind in knowing you can clear your own driveway as needed, instead of waiting for a plow contractor to show up (not to mention that you’ll save lots of money not having to pay that contractor each time it snows). And if you’re a plow contractor yourself, you certainly want a top-quality plow setup for the best results.

Now is a great time to purchase a new F Series truck upfitted with a plow, since Ford is offering generous rebates ranging from $1,500 to $4,500. Through January 4, 2021, if you buy a new 2019, 2020, or 2021 Ford Super Duty pickup truck with either the 47B or 473 Snow Plow Prep Package, you’ll be eligible for one or more cash bonuses as shown in the table below. For the 2020 model year Ford Super Duty pickups, there are separate incentive categories according to trim level, upfitting, and optional package selection. The categories are Retail CC, XL STX Special Package RCC, Commercial Upfit, XL/XLT with Snow Plow ROBC, and FDAF ROBC with Snow Plow. As an example, a 2020 Ford Super Duty XL with the available STX Appearance Package qualifies for all of these incentive qualifications, totaling $4,500.

Which Ford Truck Can I Plow With?

All F-Series pickups are suitable for plowing, but a bigger truck is required for more extensive snow removal. The F-150 will take a smaller plow and do the trick for your own home. (Note that there is only one approved plow manufacturer for use with the F-150, including EcoBoost models, and that is Sno-Way International.) An oversized plow will have negative results, including an overweighted front end, a drop in handling precision, and excess stress on the truck’s systems.

You’ll need a larger truck, engine, and plow as well as a more robust transmission and alternator for professional plowing, though. A Super Duty F-250, F-350, or F-450 is better suited for continuous activity with a wider and heavier plow attachment. Naturally, good winter tires are important, and a four-wheel drive is best. Dually trucks, with their twin pairs of rear wheels, do not do as well in snow as regular trucks with a single pair of back wheels.

The factory Snow Plow Prep Package offered by Ford contains everything the truck will need to accept and properly run a plow: the software, wiring, controls, springs, and electrical connections. The computer-selected springs in this package are engineered to take on the rigors of carrying the plow blade, which can weigh more than 1,000 pounds. A heavy-duty alternator is needed to meet the keep the truck’s electrical system charged during extended periods of raising and lowering the plow blade, ensuring that there’s power to run the accessories, such as that much-needed heater.

If you plan to plow with your Ford truck, this factory snow plow prep package is essential to guarantee proper plow operation as well as to preserve the warranty coverage – things you may lose if you choose an aftermarket plow package instead. Plow installers know this, and many will decline to work with a customer whose truck is not set up with an OEM plow prep package.

Since both the engine and plow blade are at the front of a truck, ballast may be needed in the bed to counteract that weight discrepancy. The manufacturer of your plow should have information on how many pounds of ballast to use for your particular truck model and its specific configuration (cab, bed length, and drivetrain). The factory-trained service technicians can fill in any other information you need to get your F-Series pickup ready for winter’s wrath with a Ford snow plow prep package.

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