Why Lease a Ford

There are quite a few reasons why many people should lease a Ford as opposed to purchasing. The most immediate reason is that it usually means less money leaves your bank account each month, which can be crucial to drivers in certain financial situations. For those who drive an average to below average amount, leasing can make a lot of sense while limiting the obligations of outright ownership of an automobile.

Manageable Monthly Payments

The month-to-month expenditure is usually lower on a leased vehicle than on a financed one. Even if the buyer has put a large percentage down when financing, they’re still paying for the car’s depreciation at the onset. The difference with a lease is that the same inevitable depreciation is spread out over the payments, with considerable value still left at the end of the lease term.

While leases can be structured in varied ways, lessees will almost always have to come up with an amount due at signing, whereas a person who is financing their vehicle will be asked for a down payment. The amount due at signing will include fees, security deposit, and the first payment. One important advantage of leasing is that the APR may be lower than on a purchased vehicle, depending on which offers are running at the time.

How Do You Feel About Always Driving a New Car?

Who doesn’t love a brand-new car, all shiny and perfect and full of the latest bells and whistles? Since leased vehicles are always brand-new and are generally kept for no more than three years, you can enjoy that newness continuously. Most vehicles demand very little maintenance in their first few years, so lessees will avoid the stages where the likelihood of repair increases incrementally. They still have the choice to buy out the balance and keep the car, but most people who’ve discovered the joys of leasing will simply roll in to a new lease and a new vehicle, oftentimes without increasing their monthly payment.

Ford’s Red Carpet Lease

Why lease a Ford? Because the Red Carpet Lease makes it easy with customizable mileage terms and other benefits. While mileage limitations are arguably the most common complaint about leasing, Ford lets lessees select options that range from 10,500 to 19,500 miles. Those who are certain they will exceed the maximum can buy even more mileage allotment at the start of the lease.

Ford’s Red Carpet Lease also comes with valuable gap protection, which covers the difference between insurance payoff and the amount owed on the contract if the vehicle is stolen or damaged. This would leave you responsible for the insurance deductible and outstanding lease payments only.

Another bonus is that the Advance Payment Program (APP) allows you to pay off your total monthly payments at the onset to save considerable cash. The process from then on would be the same, with a comprehensive inspection and evaluation scheduled at lease maturity, and the same wear-and-tear charges possible.

If you have questions about why it could make sense for you to lease a Ford, call or visit Balise Ford of Cape Cod today to speak with a financing team member.

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