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Our Tire Center Can Help With All Your Tire Shopping and Service Needs

If your car needs new tires, you can count on Balise Ford of Cape Cod for unbeatable tire prices. In our tire center, we have a wide selection of tires available in a number of different brands, types and sizes, so we can help you find the perfect match for your Ford. With such a wide variety of tire options, we can also help find a match for other makes and models as well. We offer great prices, along with a number of complimentary service that come with your purchase:

  • Tire mount and tire balance
  • Disposal of old tires
  • Tire rotations for your tires' lifespan
  • Hazard warranty for two years

Once you've gotten your tires and your free services, be sure to come back and visit us for any tire service your car might need in the future. Regular inspections and service can you’re your tires last longer. We offer the following services:

  • Tire mounting- When you buy a new set of tires or it's time to switch to snow tires, we can put them on your car for you.
  • Tire repair- If your tires are punctured or damaged in any other way, we can repair them for you.
  • Tire rotation- Rotating your tires from one wheel to another every once in a while prevents them from wearing unevenly and prematurely, helping to extend their lifespan.
  • Wheel alignment and balance- Unbalanced wheels can impact your handling and cause your tires to wear prematurely. Regular wheel alignments and balances can help your tires last longer and keep your handling sharp.
  • Tire pressure check- If your tire pressure is low, your tire will wear quickly and may be damaged. Regular pressure checks will prevent that.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When should I get new tires? If you notice any cracks, bulges or tread wear in your tires, it's time to replace them. A good way to check for tread wear is to stick a penny (with Lincoln's head facing down) into your tread; if you can see Lincoln's whole head, your tread is too worn down and you need new tires. Also, after you've had your tires for about five years, you should start having them inspected regularly to check for wear.
  • Why did my tires wear so quickly? If your tires are not inspected or serviced, they will wear prematurely. Services like tire rotations, pressure checks, wheel alignments and more can help them last longer.
  • Which tires are right for my car? You can look at your manual to find out the manufacturer's recommended size. You can also ask our tire experts for advice; we think about the size of your vehicle, the make and model, your driving practices and the climate to determine the best fit.

Winter Tires

Balise Ford of Cape Cod Will Help You Find Great Snow Tires for Safe Winter Driving

Winter is coming up and now is the perfect time to get a new set of snow tires for the season. At the Balise Ford of Cape Cod tire center, we can help you find the snow tires that are a perfect match for your Ford. We have a wide selection of tires available so we can find a good fit for any model,. If you have snow tire questions, peruse the FAQs below to find the answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Isn't it a little early to be thinking about snow tires? No. Winter is on its way and it's best to have your tires ready before the first snow; better early than late! And with the unpredictable New England weather, it's important to always be prepared.
  • Do I really need snow tires? Yes. If you stick with regular tires, you're going to experience a lot of slipping and dangerous driving this winter. Snow tires were made to help your car gain traction through snow and ice so you can drive safely. Here's how they're different from regular tires:
    • Your regular tires will stiffen in the cold, but snow tires are made with a different kind of rubber that won't stiffen in freezing temperatures.
    • Snow tires are designed with deeper treads and different tread patterns, which keep snow from building up on them and helps your car maintain traction.
  • Can I use all-season tires instead? We wouldn't recommend it. All-seasons are fine for warmer climates with fewer cold days and little snowfall. But here in New England our winters are too much for all-seasons to handle. For safe winter driving in our area, you're better off with snow tires.
  • My car has all-wheel drive/4-wheel drive/ traction control/ ABS brakes; do I still need snow tires? Yes. All these features can help your car stay in control, but they don't actually help you gain traction. Without traction, these features won't be able to do their job. Snow tires will make you’re your car get the traction it needs to make the most of those features.
  • Can I just get two snow tires? We recommend getting all four so each wheel performs the same way and your car can stay in control.
  • Are studded or studless snow tires better? Both options are fine, but studless snow tires are better for everyday driving; they provide all the traction you need and they won't damage the road like studded tires will.
Ford service technician performing tire change
Unbeatable Tire Prices
Included at NO EXTRA CHARGE:
  • Mount and computer balance for tires purchased
  • Tire rotation for life for 4 tires purchased
  • 2 year road hazard warranty
  • Proper disposal of old tires
The Balise Low Price Guarantee
We'll beat any competitor's price on tires
Valid at all Balise locations. Tires must be an exact match (brand, tire line, size, load rating and speed rating) and include mounting and balancing of tires.

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